St. Michael Lutheran School is able to offer some tuition assistance to qualifying families in grades Kindergarten through 8.  The amount of tuition assistance available varies from year to year because all tuition assistance money is generated annually from many special events as well as generous donations of individuals.  We use the services of TADS, a national company which specializes in analyzing financial need.  This company reviews applications and supporting financial records and gives recommendations regarding a family's ability to pay.  The tuition assistance committee tries to honor those recommendations as funds allow.

Here are links to a financial worksheet and the actual TADS application.  The worksheet is for applicant use only and helps determine what information is required on the actual application.

School ID #: 200838

In an effort to be good stewards and to maximize our giving potential, our members have come up with a variety of creative ways people can contribute to St. Michael Lutheran School (SMLS) and Christ for Kids (CFK) Childcare Center.



Order gift certificates, get money back towards your tuition – It’s that easy!!!

Not familiar with TRIP? TRIP is a tuition reduction program that allows you to purchase gift cards for items you would already be buying, such as groceries, gas, restaurants, etc. A percentage of the purchase price (variable by vendor) is then refunded back to your tuition account, (minus 1%). You may also choose to have your refund donated to another family or to the general scholarship fund.

On the order form, you will see a % indicated by each merchant. You pay the full value of the gift certificate, then you will get the indicated % amount, (minus 1%), back in your tuition account! (The 1% is for administration expenses, which in part includes shipping cost and banking fees.)

Order a $100 Speedway gift certificate (at 4%).
Pay $100 for the certificate.
You receive $3.00 towards your tuition account.
Fund management receives $1.00.

Profits accumulate and are posted in your account in October and April. Please continue to make your regular tuition payments.

Order forms are available in the hallway by the school office. Both ordering and picking up is done in the school office.

Our TRIP program uses the services of Great Lakes SCRIP and Kalamazoo Scripcents.

Visit to view current lists of the participating stores and the percentage rates. TRIP orders are generally placed every other Friday by noon and filled orders available for pick up the following Friday afternoon. See the Trip Schedule for exact dates. For more information contact the school office.

  • Corporate Matching Funds

    Your employer (e.g., Pfizer) may very well match your contributions to St. Michael Lutheran School. Talk with your personnel department to find out.

  • Hardings Community Rewards

    Shopping at Hardings can help our school.  Sign up for Hardings Community Rewards and start earning money to help our school grow!  Start supporting our school every time you shop at any Hardings Market Store.

  • Lands' End

    If you order from the Land’s End School Catalog and provide the school number (9000-7985-6) St. Michael’s receives 3% of the sale toward a designated project. Ours goes to the scholarship fund. (The logo number is 0266745k). You can also purchase your order with Lands’ End TRIP.