“I love how well rounded our students are. I love how Book Buddies and Chapel Families help cultivate compassion, friendship, leadership, and patience between older students and younger students. Besides a great teaching staff, Principal Johnson is an excellent administrator – his Christ-centered leadership is definitely a large reason why this school and its staff thrive. Sending our kids to SMLS is a major sacrifice for us and most families, but it’s one we are committed to making because of the overall excellence of the program.”

Tami Flick


“I love the one-on-one attention my children get at St. Michael. Although the curriculum challenges the kids, the teachers are always there to help them succeed. Sometimes I help my kids with their homework at gymnastics – when other parents see what type of work the kids are doing they are surprised to find out what grade-level the kids are in and what they are learning. When I see the smiles on the kids' faces when they see their teachers, current and past, I know that my children love being at St. Michael.”

Michael E. Klepser

Professor of Pharmacy, Ferris State University

“My son has been attending St Michael for 2 years. My wife and I cannot say enough about the high standards this school holds itself to. Both its academic and value system are to be commended. The loving nature of the school and its inclusion of the whole family is special and has been a uniquely wonderful experience. My son has made great progress academically through the individual attention each teacher seems to have given him. There is a gentleness about this school that permeates throughout the student body. I would wholeheartedly endorse this school to anyone looking for a balanced approach to both academic and individual development.”

John Rosair

Vice President, Kellogg Snacks

“Thank God for St. Michael! Even though I’m not Lutheran I have always felt very comfortable here. My daughter started here in kindergarten and is now in 7th grade and now I’ve got all three of my children in school here. In this day and age where we hear such horror stories about schools we have been so blessed to be in a safe and sheltered environment!”

Kim Ashmore


“High-level academics are an outstanding aspect of St. Michael Lutheran School. As university professors, we believe that a strong academic foundation is essential, and St. Michael has exceeded our expectations. Having reviewed the curriculum at districts throughout the broader Kalamazoo area, St. Michael’s programming for all students is at least equal to the “plus” classes available for only some within the public schools. And just as important is the individual pacing and support available for students. We feel great about our decision to have sent our children to St. Michael, knowing they have received an outstanding education.”

Timothy Palmer & Louann Bierlein Palmer

Professor, Dept of Management & Professor, Dept. of Educational Leadership, Western Michigan University

“If parents think 6th grade is the best time to transition to the public schools, please consider the experience with our daughter.  We too once held this view and enrolled her in our local district where she pretty much spent 6th & 7th grades reviewing what she had already learned at St Michael. We wish we had kept her at St Michael through 8th grade. Later, we pulled her out of public school and put her back into a Christian School for high school.  Both my husband and I see the difference with having a child in both private and a public school.  Nothing compares. I know it is hard to convince people, I was one of them, but it is a fact that kids in private school have a higher success rate than those in public school.”

Stephanie Kranstz