In Grammar, students will be able to identify and correctly use nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, verbals, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections.

In Literature Studies, students will read a variety of grade-level novels, study different genres in literature, use reading response journals, and identify how authors use literary devices.

In Writing, students will learn to write Personal Narratives, Business Letters, How-to Articles, Descriptions, Book Reviews, Creative Writing, Expository Writing, and Research Reports.


In Art class, students will be introduced to 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional art forms along with art history. Students will learn some of the basic concepts of art while presented with a variety of art media to use in the creative process. While making art, students will also explore the principles of design, elements of art, color theory, and problem-solving to develop critical thinking skills.

Towards the end of the art course, students will research an art medium and create their own art project based on information they have learned throughout the course.


The importance of keeping our students and your children active cannot be stressed enough. Our middle school students use IHT (Interactive Health Technology) heart rate monitors thanks to CMS. These heart rate monitors go around the chest and read their heart rate during the class. Each monitor is assigned to a specific student. The students' BMI measurements were taken at the beginning of the school year to get an accurate reading of each child.

After class, an email is sent out to either them or their parents with their performance level in class. Using this program shows an increase in effort and performance in class.


Our Middle School Math courses are self-paced at SMLS. What this means is that your students have the opportunity to learn at a pace that is optimal for them to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts we are learning in class. This method of instruction has had a proven record of success in our classrooms. It takes the pressure off students since they do not need to keep pace with their classmates or continue to a new concept before understanding the previous one.

Students may also move through the text at a faster rate if they quickly grasp Math concepts. This method allows teachers to give more focused, one-on-one help to students than traditional whole-group instruction.


Our objective in Middle School Science is to develop skills of scientific inquiry, having the students design and carry out scientific investigations, learn to evaluate evidence, and draw conclusions. Also, for the student to acquire knowledge, skill, and conceptual understanding to solve problems and make informed decisions

6th Grade: Earth Science

7th & 8th Grade: Physical and Life Science


Our Middle School Spanish program focuses on growing in confidence with the skills of reading, listening, writing, and speaking in the language. Reading has a crucial role in acquiring fluency and improving grammar and vocabulary. Every middle school student completes at least one novel study (in Spanish). Reading for understanding is developed throughout the year, as well.


Our program at SMLS is different than band programs in the public schools. We can play and sing hymns, freely celebrate Christmas, and consider the reason why God has given His creation music. Students work to memorize our purpose: “We are an inclusive group, focused on worship. We do not compete against each other but use our gifts to glorify God."

Because we are inclusive, we do not have chair placements, and we work to make sure that each member's participation is valued. Being a small band, we can hear everybody! We need to help each other sound good.


Our objective in History and Social Studies in Middle School is to develop higher-order thinking skills while stimulating interest in the topics studied.

6th Grade: Regions of the Eastern Hemisphere - Map skills, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica

7th and 8th Grade: American History - Colonial America, American Revolution, The Early Republic, Civil War, Reconstruction, Westward Expansion, Industrial Age, Progressive Era


Students’ lives are full of responsibilities inside and outside the classroom, along with increasing amounts of digital connection and media consumption.

To emerge as passionate followers of Jesus in this present age, students need to learn how to live a holistic, integrated spiritual life. This includes a deep understanding of how Christianity shapes their view of humanity and the world (worldview), how following Jesus impacts their personal life (identity), and how a biblical vision guides their vocational pursuits (calling).

Our Bible course integrates all of these concentrations: worldview, identity, and calling. Students will learn how the Christian faith impacts every area of life and human culture.


The objective of the Computers Class is to expand your student’s knowledge of computers in a way that is useful, fun, and exciting! The absolute core goal is that students experience new ways to use computers to increase their own learning potential. Greater focus will revolve around personal productivity, understanding computer technology, and digital citizenship.

At any point during the year, your students might learn about topics such as Internet Safety (Digital Citizenship), Internet Research, Software/Programming, Graphic Design, Video Editing, and Spreadsheets.

Visit our page about the Middle School Computers & Technology Initiative to learn more.

Download a PDF of the Middle School Program here.